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Dockland Railways

Travelling by trains is one of the most convenient ways to get in and around in the Europe and travelling with Dockland Rails will make you experience the same convenience. It is an automated rail service which operates to serve the dockland region of London. The main speciality of this service is that the trains in which you are going to travel are not operated by the humans rather they are run by the computers. This system came into existence in the year 1987 and is administered by the Serco group. This service is still in an expansion stage and has continuously undergone several changes. As stated above dockland rails are meant to operate in the absence of driver,but there are passenger service agents on the board who take care of the passengers operates the doors, handle the problems and also checks the tickets.

About 70 million peopletravel with the dockland light rail every year and the company is gaining more and more popularity day by day. The main factor for increasing popularity of this operator is the quality of services and the satisfaction, which it delivers to the passengers.

Major Route of the Dockland Railways
The whole system of the dockland light railways is 20 miles long and is consisted of 93 trains which are deployed with the aim of providing the greater frequency of the services to the passengers. The trains are operated by the company on the following five major routes:-

  1. Woolwich via London city airport in the east
  2. Lewisham via canary wharf and the isle of dogs to the south
  3. Beck ton via the royal docks
  4. The city with termini at bank and tower gateway
  5. Stratford to the north

Though the above mentioned routes are working in the present, but the company is planning to add two new routes also which are going to connect Stratford to canning town and barking reach and Dagenham.

How to buy tickets for Dockland Light Rails?
If you are planning to travel with this operator, then you can easily acquire the tickets by the following methods:-

  1. Oyster card- if you are a frequent visitor and do not want to get stucked in the long line on the ticket counters then you can go for your oyster card to make your travel convenient. You can acquire your card in the following manner:-
  2. Oyster ticket stores
  3. London travel information centres
  4. stations
  5. Paper tickets- you can acquire your paper tickets from the stations and the overseas agents.
  6. Visitor tickets- in case if you are visiting from some outside place, then you can acquire your oyster visitor card or tickets in the following ways:-
  7. Overseas agents
  8. The oyster visitor shop
  9. In case if you desire to get an oyster card then you can also approach to the distributors.

So if you are planning for a visit to the London or any other place and have an option of dockland trains as a medium for travel, then go for it and enjoy your journey with one of the finest service providers of the Europe The Dockland Rails.

Contact Dockland Railways:
E-mail: cservice@dlr.co.uk
Address: Customer ServicesSerco Docklands
Castor Lane, London, E14 ODS
Tel: 020 7363 9700, Fax: 020 7363 9561, Textphone: 020 7093 0999