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Wrexham and Shropshire Trains

It is one of the youngest trains operating companies of the Europe. The original name of the company is Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railways. Being one of the youngest trains operating companies it possesses very good and modern fleet of trains. This company deals only in the passenger services and operates on the route from Wrexham to London. This company started it operations in the year 2011 and its first ever train started running from 28 April 2008. This company was started with the purpose of starting direct services to the London from Shropshire after the withdrawal of the services by the virgin trains in the year 2000. The operations of the company came to an end in January 2011.

Wrexham & Shropshire Routes Following are the major routes on which the company provides the train services prior to 2011:-

  • From Wrexham to Shrewsbury- this was one of the major routes of the company as it connects few major destinations such as Ruabon, Chirk and Gobowen.

  • From Wrexham to Wolverhampton- it was also one of the major routes of the company as it provide the direct connection between the Wrexham and Shrewsbury.

Fleet of the company

Being one of the youngest trains operating company of the Europe, the fleet of the company is consisted of modern and fast trains which are meant for providing convenient and timely services to the passengers in order to gain their long term loyalty. The fleet of the company is mainly comprised the following trains:-

  • Class 67 trains- these trains are based on the diesel locomotive and are capable of running at the speed of 200 km/h. These trains were built in the year 1999-2000 are operated on the routes connecting London Marylebone and Wrexham.

  • Mark 3 coach- these trains are used on all the major routes of the company and are capable of travelling at the speed of 177 km/h.

Performance of the company

This company is the only train operator which provides the direct services from Shropshire to London after withdrawal of the service by the virgin trains in the beginning of the century. This operator gained popularity in very short period of time and recorded public performance measure of around 88.1% in 2010.

Types of tickets of the company

Company offers three different types of ticket. These types of tickets can be classified as:-

  • Advance tickets- you can book advance tickets from the Wrexham to London and can secure a seat for you in the train well in advance in order to make your journey more convenient.

  • Any time tickets- any time tickets are also provided by the company which offers you complete flexibility to you during your travel. You can travel with any train of the company if you had any time ticket with you.

  • Family saver tickets- if you are travelling with your family, then you can go for family saver train tickets which will save your money by taking advantage of the discounts granted on group and family travel by the company.

Contact details:
E-mail info@wrexhamandshropshire.co.uk
Phone: 0845 260 5200